Monday, 28 January 2013

So What Is Hypnopuncture?

So back in 2007, a colleague and I were bouncing off ideas about the possibility of combining my  hypnosis with his acupuncture.  Although I was trained as a hypnotherapist  I worked with a lot of Chinese Medicine practitioners and had received acupuncture a number of times myself. 
One thing that had struck me about the experience of acupuncture was how once the needles were in and you were left in peace and quiet whilst the acupuncture did its  magic, one’s mind nearly always drifted off into a deeply relaxed state, not unlike a hypnotic trance. I had often thought whether it might be possible or beneficial for a patient to make use of this “acupuncture trance” by introducing some hypnotherapy techniques whilst the needles were still in place.

My colleague Alex, who was an experienced acupuncturist, was curious about hypnosis and how it worked, and we had a number of interesting conversations comparing and contrasting how our different treatments would approach the same issue.  It became apparent to both of us that although each treatment had its strengths, both acupuncture and hypnosis also had their limitations.  We began to wonder whether combining the two treatments would be a way of overcoming some of these limitations. 

Acupuncture, it seemed, was very effective for the more physical type of issues such as musculo-skeletal problems and infectious or chronic ailments of the body systems.  Hypnotherapy on the other hand was especially effective in helping more psychologically based issues such as habits, stress and anxiety.  And although acupuncture could help with stress and anxiety and hypnotherapy could also have a beneficial effect on the body such as with pain management, it was also clear to both of us that if we could combine the strengths of both treatments you would end up with a therapy that was effective for both mind and body equally. 

By the end of that year Hypnopuncture was born and Alex and I were treating patients with it.  We had a simple protocol to begin with, the needles went in and I would then hypnotize the patient whilst the needles were still in.  Just before the end of the hypnosis session Alex would take the needles out.  For patients who were a little nervous of needles,  I would take them into hypnosis first and they would often “wake up” 40 minutes later without realising the needles had been in. 

Move forward a year and Hypnopuncture was being written about in the national press as a new effective holistic treatment for weight loss.  We were also successfully treating patients for stopping smoking as well as stress and anxiety.  And bringing us up to the present, the treatment has developed to the point where I now treat a wide variety of conditions with Hypnopuncture, using a combination of ear acupuncture, hypnosis and nlp.
Over the last 5 years the treatment has grown and developed and is quite different from what it was in the beginning.  The aim has always been to develop a therapy which combined the best of both acupuncture and hypnosis in an integrated approach, to create a synergistic effect on both the mind and body.  So far its working well and Hypnopuncture it seems is here to stay.

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